Finally, a source of reliable mountain weather information from someone that practically lives in the mountains! Behind each of our predictions, you'll find 19 years of Northwest mountain weather forecasting. In that time, we've also been on a LOT of hikes, so we'd be happy to share our tips on the best hikes and ski areas in Washington. Using the map below, simply click on any region to find out the latest weather info and weekend forecast. We've also included our tip for the best hike or skiing conditions in that area for that particular weekend.
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High Altitude Mountain Weather Forecasting Services
We provide forecasts for most major climbing venues: Himalayas, Alps, Denali, Caucasus, Karakoram, and Andes, to name a few.
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Monitoring Haz.-Mat. incidents is a major use of our weather stations. We carry a full line of weather forecasting equipment, software, accessories, and more! We have found Columbia Weather Systems to be professional grade meteorlogical equipment for consumers, agricultural, and industrial users. We are proud to offer the Capricorn 2000 to our customers. This system has been tested in the field for several years through a meteorological forecast network. Since that time, additional sensors and features have been added to the Capricorn 2000, culminating in the recently released Capricorn 2000 Weather Display. View our entire product line here